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Colgate Optic White Overnight Whitening Pen 0.08fl oz


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Whiten your teeth while you sleep: the Colgate Optic White Overnight Whitening pen removes 15 years of stains in just 1 week when used as directed (two weeks of treatment is recommended for the best results). Each pen has 35 nightly treatments, with an enamel safe formula containing hydrogen peroxide. It is designed for no tooth sensitivity during and after the whitening process. It’s easy to use: click the back of the pen and apply the unique formula onto clean, dry teeth. The formula dries within seconds, and will stay on your teeth while you sleep. To remove, simply brush your teeth when you wake up the next morning and enjoy a whiter smile.

Made in United States

Use whitening pen nightly to remove 15 years of stains in 1 week treatment should be applied after brushing just before bed. Apply a thin and even layer of gel onto clean, dry teeth by clicking the pen until gel appears (May take a few clicks on first use). The formula takes only seconds to dry. Sleep, and let the gel work its magic while you catch those ZZZs. The next morning, brush your teeth to remove the formula. Repeat nightly for a visibly whiter smile in 1 week. Each pen contains 35 nightly treatments.



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