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BLINK CONTACTS® Lubricant Eye Drops work with the eye’s natural tears to keep them feeling fresh and provides long-lasting, silky-smooth comfort and protection for people with RGP and soft contact lenses.  You may feel the need to rewet your contact lenses before insertion and lubricate them during wear.  It can also relieve minor irritation, discomfort, dryness, blurring and itchiness, which may occur while wearing your contact lenses.

For people whose lifestyle includes:         

  • Long Periods of concentration
  • Work in front of a computer monitor or in harsh fluorescent office lighting
  • Low-humidity environments
  • Frequent fliers

For people who experience:                                               

  • Contact lens or eye dryness
  • Gritty, sandy or scratchy sensation
  • Dry or fatigued eyes
  • Irritation, burning or stinging associated with lens wear
  • Redness

To lubricate and rewet your lenses:  Apply 1 to 2 drops to each eye as needed, or as directed by your eye care practitioner.  Blink several times.  For extra cmfort:  Place 1 or 2 drops of BLINK CONTACTS® Lubricating Eye Drops on each side of each lens before application.

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